Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Birthday Weekend in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is such a fun city to visit. It is full of great restaurants and shopping, family and friends. Dan and I had a great trip up to visit my sisters for our 51st birthday.

We arrived Thursday night late and stayed at Charity and Tom's place on the North Side. The drive up was great. We saw a bit of snow on the turnpike which was a welcome site. It made me miss and wish for more.

Friday was our birthday and we started it out with a trip down to the Strip District. We ate lunch at Primanti Bros! Dan and I split a hot sausage sandwhich piled high with fries and slaw! Faith and Roy came out Friday Night and we all went to eat at The Rusty Nail, a cozy country restaurant in the city. Birthday dinner was mainly surf and turf. Dan and I shared a desert. Yum. The we headed to the Meadows where we gambled for a few hours. It was Friday the 13th and I was unlucky but I had a ton of fun loosing $35.00.

Saturday we planned to hit estate sales and have lunch on me somewhere in between the houses we hit. Dan and the guys had other plans and they kept thier secret well hidden. Tom was hungry and insisted we stop treasure hunting and go to lunch. Faith and I both complained as we wanted more estste sales and would rather be hungry than miss any more. Tom won out and by the time we crossed into downtown Pittsburgh, I knew we were going to my dream restaurant, Lidia's Italian Restaurant, in the Strip District! Yay!

This pic is me with my treasures from the second estate sale we went to. The house had goodies from the 1950's on and the homeowner had a greta appreciation for fine art. I really had to control myself here!
The box is small compared to the boxes of treasures my sisters found but that little box has some good sh*t in it!


Jody said...

Oh you have a wonderful stash there girl! I love estate sales and tag look like you had a wonderful time!

stephrudolph said...

That is SOOO weird that we were in PIT at the exact same time! I arrived late Thursday night too, but I flew in. I wish I would have known, I would have loved to have joined you at the sales! That's right up my alley.
Happy Belated Birthday!!!

Holly said...

I'm glad you had a fun b-day! I didn't know how to reach you on your lucky day. Glad I could read about all the fun you had!