Friday, August 13, 2010

Vintage Clothespins and New Ribbons

Vintage solid wood clothespins
It's been a long time since I posted anything on my blog, and a long time since I added anything new to my Etsy shops. I'm adding a few new items now and I hope with all the new items, you might find something fun to work with.
The vintage clothespins are from one of my weekend trips to Pittsburgh where my triplet sisters live. They are so good to me, saving me the wooden clothespins they find at estate sales. Have you tried to find solid wood clothespins in the stores lately? They are impossible to find in my town. But I found the best clothespins and they have such a nice patina too!
1/4" Black Ribbon
I also restocked some new and hand dyed ribbons. This 1/4" rayon black ribbon is really nice for tag art, wrapping small packages, or even jewelry making. It has a nice soft glow to it also.

Hand dyed Blue Ribbon
and I was sifting through a box of trims and found one nice piece of hand dyed ribbon from the last batch I made. It seems like ages ago. This is the only one available but I will be dying some more in the future.
There will be lots of new old stuff added in the coming days. Please take a moment to checkout the vintage and antique sheet music. Some of my packages will include very large papers from old atlas, sheet music, and other artsy books. The pages will bundled up in super awesome value packs.


TinyBear said...

I love those old clothespins - you probably already know that. Going to have a closer look when I get back from vacation. Also keeping an eye out for when you have 'new' old lace.
Have a wonderful day.
~ Tina

DitzyRedhead said...

thanks for the idea! I never even thought about dyeing ribbon. I dye clothes all the time but never gave it a thought. I'll try it...thanks!

Katsui Jewelry said...

Hi sweetie. I wrote on your other blog so don't miss it, You are doing so well. I am sick as a dog after a cortisone injection in my knee.

Katsui Jewelry said...

I got my treats and I just love them. I think I need some of those clothespins, too. I could dye them with my ribbon! I haven't done any dying yet but I am sure looking forward to it!
I am down fifteen pounds now. Nothing fits. That is a plus and a minus!