Sunday, November 21, 2010


Mercury Glass Ornaments are my favorite vintage Christmas decorations. This collection comes from an estate sale I helped with in Pittsburgh last month. The Ornaments were well cared for and a real treasure to find! These turquoise ornaments work very well together even though they are not an actual set.

There are four Shiny Brite Mercury Glass Ornaments in very good condition with original caps. These ornaments have a unique shape.
Two of the ornaments are antiques, very thin mercury glass heart shaped ornaments. The turquoise is wearing to a perfect patine. These have a very slender neck and one is missing the original cap. The sides have different textures as you can see in the photo above.
There are several vintage indented mercury glass ornaments in the set which have an original Shiny Brite cap. The smaller indented ornament is silver with white and turquoise striping.  The large ornament has yellow and turquoise and measures approx. 3".
This set of ten ornaments are now listed in my etsy shop Dabbling In The Dew. I hope the ornaments find a good home! They are truly a treasure and quite beautiful!

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Suz said...

Killer ornaments, Hope!