Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Vintage Sunday School Flash Cards

I found these super sweet and fun vintage flash cards at my local thrift shop. I loved sifting through the box and finding the best phrases. There were so many to chose from! The favorites are on top as you see here.
I love "I will bake"

These are super huge, 11 3/4" x 3 1/4" and each has a file number in the upper left hand corner.

You could stabilize these with chipboard and make a fun banner by stringing several phrases together. I've seen this done in some Etsy shops and I have even purchased one for a newborn baby girl in the family. The banner was constructed with rayon ribbon and mercury glass beads and the backs of the cards were printed or stamped as well. It was really sweet for a newborn baby gift. There's more than 200 flashcards to have tons of fun with!

They came packed in this nifty storage box!

Bidding has started on these in my ebay shop. You can watch or bid here.

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Suz said...

Hi Hope,

i didn't know you had an Ebay shop. What have I been missing all this time!!!

I dyed a bunch of the ribbon and some napkins and lace and three in the clothespins, too! Not they are really pretty! Of course, they were pretty and rustic before!

We leave tomorrow night. I am excited and very tired! I am trying to get things ready to do handsewing on the place and when I am there. I am making sachets.

Anxious to see your EBay!