Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Find of the Day Vintage Rug Hooking Panels

 Imported Hessian Cancas Patt. No. 5026/4
Measurement Mat 20 x 20
Virginia Snow Studio
Elgin, ILL. Made in USA

Frederick Patt 1075
Spinning Wheel
28 x 48
Original Instructions included

 Border of the spinning wheel

 Frederick No 4964
28 x 40
Rose Of Sharon Pattern

 Rose of Sharon

 Cabbage Rose Rug
 Fredricks Rug Patt G-NC-H 4236
Size 24 x 36
Started as shown
Cabbage Rose Pattern

 Frederick no 1051
28 x 48
Colonial Girl with Roses

All five canvas rugs are sold in one lot. Each is unique, made from linen weave burlap, and with a pattern printed on back side.
You can find these for sale in my ebay shop Dabbling in the Dew.

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