Sunday, July 10, 2011

Out With The Old Make Room For The New

My studio table is full of fantastic paper supplies. Under the table is full of storage boxes all full of paper and other awesome scrapbooking supplies. You can say I am a scrapbooking and artful supply hoarder!

That is about to change in the next two weeks as I destash and sellout my scrapbooking supplies to make room for my painting studio. I am longing for the place this used to be where I could paint everyday and teach painting classes.
The table is perfect for teaching with plenty of room for six students or just one, me!
Selling off my supplies will not be easy. The etsy shops have been quite full for some time now and have kept me busy with sales and restocking of unique vintage supplies for my customers. Many of my customers have become strong virtual friends. I sincerely hope they wont panic. I wont leave them empty handed. I will continue to stock and sell my most popular items and limit the new stuff to the most unique supplies.
The new and fun part will be making awesome art with my real friends and offering some great tutorials for my virtual friends.
I hope you will take advantage of the sales and the supplies still available, if only for a short while.
More than that I hope you will enjoy the new Dabblinginthedew, tripletrouble, belledentelle, and photographicmemories as each of these shops go out with the old and in with the new!


Suz said...

Oh no! I am sure I wil be fine with what you have and truly wish you the best.

Hopeful said...

No worries Suz. The new stuff will be even better than the old stuff!
Thanks for the hugs!
people are pinning my paper laces on pinterest. been so busy punching lace I havent had tome to paint *yet*.