Friday, April 16, 2010

APRIL 15, 2010

Yesterday was the last day to file taxes for most people but for me and those in my family, yesterday was a very special day.
Yesterday, a C-130 from USCG Airstation, Elizabeth City, took a small urn with some of my brothers ashes to Halifax, Nova Scotia. On April 15 at 6:00PM the Titanic Foundation dedicated three wreaths to be dropped on the site of the sinking of the Titanic 98 years ago. While the wreath dropping is a significant event marking the sinking, many people do not know the rest of the story.
International Ice Patrol was established many years ago to map and mark icebergs. The United States Coast Guard plays a very important role in keeping the north Atlantic safe for travel around these icebergs. My brother Jim flew for years on C-130 ice patrols. It was one of the highlights of his military career. Having this small urn dropped by fellow Coasties over waters he loved to fly and on the day so important in history is such an honor. Jim Comito is the first Coast Guardsman in history to have his ashes officially dropped at this site. Coasties are often referred to as Guardians of the Sea. The title fits.
I couldn't be there to witness Jim's ashes being dropped at the Titanic site. Instead I took a drive down to the hospital where Jim and my father planted oaks over 30 years ago. The oaks are budding out and look so beautiful and feel so comforting. Driving under their natural umbrella feels like a big hug from heaven.


Christine Edwards said...

Hope, what a beautiful ending to a special life. My husband was a CG Reserve C-130 pilot. Never flew ice patrols, but did a lot around the Chesapeake Bay and Tampa/Clearwater areas. Those oak trees are stunning, and a wonderful memorial.

Katsui Jewelry said...

That is so touching. He was such an incredible man. I will never forget the picture of his smiling face...such love and joy. You will have many places to remember him!