Tuesday, October 26, 2010


close up of a glass beaded necklace

I've been visiting family in Pittsburgh for the past 4 weeks and love going to estate sales and thrift stores here. There's so many sales to go to and so many treasures to find. I was fortunate enough to find some very nice jewelry collections and decided these need to go in eBay for auction! This week I will be listing most of the estate jewelry on my sister's eBay sites.
If you love vintage costume jewelry and art glass beads you will love these collections. I am grouping some of the collections into junk and costume jewelry, art glass beaded jewelry, and individual lases as well. The rosaries are already listed. You can find beautiful vintage rosary beads here.
If you decide to bid and are lucky enough to win a jewelry auction from Faith, please drop her a note and mention finding her through this blog.
The last set of beads are listed on Charity's EBay site. They are the most beautiful beads with a sterling silver wrapping around a clear glass bead. I wish i had time to use these in some altered art jewelry. They are simply gorgeous!


Suz said...

Oh, my hope. I will go check. I was feeling sad yesterday about being out of touch with you. I am into these little bloggie bits, you know...not real letters. No big long sane thoughts!!! Then there was your name on my blog. I was so happy. I have not, nor will not, forget you and when I get more letterish I will write!!!
Big hugs,

Hopeful said...

I missed you too Suz! Hoping you are well! I'm getting spoiled rotten in Pittsburgh. Heading back to reality and home in a few days. Please watch my sister's ebay items for more estate sale jewelry. I may keep some salvaged items for etsy... all shops will be reopened next week.

Holly said...

If you have any left over at Christmas, I know a little lady who would enjo. :)

Holly said...

That necklace sold for $517?! WOW!