Friday, February 6, 2009

A Year in Color

In January, I joined a private group named A Year In color. The group had their first swap and named it All That I Love, a valentine Swap for the members in the group. The members are paired up and each pair swaps valentine goodies

Over the past few weeks we have been gathering our items to swap and getting the packages ready.
This is my first swap and I wanted it to be special so I requested an international partner. I am so tickled to be paired with Sam. She is from England and loves everything floral. Yay for me because I do as well!

My package arrived today, exactly one week after she posted it. I was so excited! I could actually smell my contents before i opened the package.
Below is a series of photos of my swap package and the neat things Sam made special for me. Every little item was wrapped so sweetly and tagged with a heart. I just smiled and opened each one and enjoyed every bit of it.

My swap package was perfect for me. It smelled yummy, it had a sweet little jingle, and sparkle, and feel. Sally enjoyed it as well. And then the fun began when I took each item and found a sweet home for everything.

There's one surprise in the package I am saving for a special occasion. It was a pack of seeds secured in a matchbook. You take the match sticks and plant them and an herb grows! How seriously SWEET is that!

I am just praying to God she doesn't pop a bubble!

The handmade soap smells so wonderful! It is so pretty and soft to touch. I can't wait to try it!
Thank you Sam!

The button heart hangs from the antique button jar.
The ribbon was so pretty I wrapped it around the jar top.
Don't laugh but yes, it's me in the snapshot...

Sweet garland made of hearts and stars hang softly from the top door hinge.

Hand made soaps sit in a pretty milk glass bowl. they smell so wonderful!

Windsor Newton Watercolor paints and a brush wait for me atop the white paper tags.


Rosalie said...

Lucky You!!! Look at all those great things you received.

I just wanted to let you know that I added your blog link to my blog and would appreciate you adding my blog link to your blog.

Here is my blog address:

Thank You,

Holly said...

SALLY IS SO FUNNY! I love the pic of her paw grabbing. OK, where do I sign up for these swaps?!