Thursday, March 5, 2009

Better Butter and White Bread

Yeah, I eat white bread, and rye with seeds, and the nitty grainy stuff too. Nothing beats a slice of warm toasted white bread with butter and cinnamon sugar!

I make my own better butter which is much like any spreadable butter alternative, except it is butter with a twist.

This recipe has been around since the late 70's and was first shared with me by a vegetarian friend in Alaska. I believe the cookbook was titled laurel's Kitchen, which is revised now and does not contain this recipe.

I changed the original recipe a tiny bit because some of the ingredients just weren't necessary in my opinion. I keep the recipe simple and it works for me. It will work for you too!

Better Butter

1 cup of softened butter (not melted)

1 cup canola oil

1 TBLS powder milk

1 tsp salt

Mis thoroughly in a blender until all the salt and powder milk is incorporated. Pour into those old soft spread containers.

Refrigerate. Better Butter will firm up in an hour or so. it will become a spreadable butter which will not make your taost soggy like some of those spreadable marjarines. it's good for you too. It is a great substitute for crisco, butter, or marjarine in cooking. Makes great scrambled eggs!

and it tastes just like butter!


Tins and Treasures said...

I've been catching up in the blog world today...I am defintely going to try this recipe. Thanks for sharing. Have a restful Sunday. Take care ~Natalie

Holly said...

My "Passionate Vegetarian" cookbook that grampa gave me has a "better" recipe which is just equal parts softened butter and olive oil whipped then chilled (since EVOO hardens in the fridge). Never tried it but plan too as soon as I can shake my addiction to smart balance evoo spread.