Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring Swap with Old FarmHouse Gathering

Big Big Mess

My new and quite possibly most useless craft sewing machine
First of all, I confess, I am a procrastinator! And my spelling is awful! And I always have these crazy craft ideas which in my mind will be easy, and they are, but why in the world do I always make a HUGE mess in the process? Not only do I wait for the last minute to make something but i also tend to get a million phone calls while I am trying desperately to be creative. The phone must have rung a million times today. I love talking on the phone as much as crafting so yes, i took every single call and told every friend what I was working on, thinking they might let me go, but nope, we talked and I crafted.
The package is nearly finished. It was fun working on it. I hope my swap partner enjoys her goodies.
Dear me, it wouldn't be completely fair to just stop writing this new post without one little hint of the completed swap package... would it?


stephrudolph said...

Oooh, your swap partner is one lucky gal! I love it.

MommaB said...

I sure did enjoy it....its so pretty...never got a swap like it before...and always love to learn something new...since I am kinda laid up right now I am going to make some with my daughter...thanks again are so creative...

Holly said...

LOVE that sewing machine! :)