Friday, March 13, 2009

Make Your Own Pom Pom Chickie Tutorial

Pom Pom Chickies

You will need two pom poms for each chickie, plus wire and florist tape for legs, black seed beads for eyes, and a scrap of yellow paper for the beak. You will also need a hot glue gun, Aleene’s Tacky Glue, wire cutters, tooth picks, some 1/8” ribbon, a vintage daisy flower, and a pair of sharp craft scissors.
Beak: Cut yellow card stock into two small v shapes. Fold them in the center to form the beak shape. Using a tooth pick, pick up just enough tacky glue on the tip and glue the points of the beaks together. Then glue the ends only at the corners, You want to shape the beak once the glue is dry. Be careful not to glue the beak completely shut.
Legs: Wrap wire with brown florist tape and cut at 4” lengths. Shape each leg to have three  "toes". You can bend the feet forward.
Head: Using sharp scissors, snip and shape yarn on head to make it smaller than the pom pom set aside for the body. Snip evenly all around until you have a pom pom about half the size of the body.
Glue eyes (seed beads) using toothpick with tacky glue. Try to set the seed bead so the opening is not visible. Tuck it into the pom pom face so the seed bead is set securely in place rather then sitting on the surface.
Glue beak under eyes and in the center of the pom pom.
Hot glue the head to the body pom pom. You can snip and shape the body as well but be careful not to snip away too much.
Glue the legs to bottom of body pom pom first with tacky glue on the ends of the legs, and then carefully separating the yarn and applying hot glue to the inside center area. Quickly set the legs in place while hot glue is pliable.
Tie a thin ribbon around neck and glue a vintage flower to chickie’s head.


Phyllisblue said...

Thanks Hope,
i forgot about pom poms. So simple too! Just what I need right now to get into that spring mood!

Craftzilla said...

Very cute! And easy.

Holly said...

Hadley still has his chickie that you gave him 4 years ago. He LOVES it! The beak was ripped off long ago and he keeps asking me to fix it. Now I can! :)