Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Swap Box Arrived Today! Yay!

My husband thinks I think it's Christmas everyday at our house. Every day there is a box at the door or on the table or in the walkway where I know he wont miss it. Ha!

Today the mailman brought a box from Doris, my swap partner at the Old Farmhouse Gathering. The box was fun to open, starting with a hand drawn picture by Doris' granddaughter, Riley. Riley wanted to put something in the swap box, too. She drew a picture of a bottle and glass of Mountain Dew. This really tickled me having grandkids and knowing how they love to be invloved and share what grandma does. Just too sweet!

Doris also wrote a nice letter with sweet caring words. It meant a lot to me knowing what she felt about the swap and the process she went through making my treasures.
Everything was wrapped with care and opening the treasures gave me good feelings of days when my sewing machine and paint brushes were used daily. These hand made goodies weren't just whipped up.
The bunny is so cute and prim with it's yo yo trims and stitched body. I have it sitting guard to my fabric stash where she seems quite comfortable.

The handpainted box is actually a charging station for a cell phone. It has a hindged lid and a whole drilled in the back where you slip the wire thru and connect the phone to charge it. It's sweet and thoughtful and practical, which I love! One little gliche, not on Doris, but on me, is I still do not own a cell phone! That's right folks, no cell phone!

Also in the box was a box of cadbury Creme Eggs (almost gone because I have no self control) and a clucker chicken, which cracks me up! I LOVE these things! I get a new one every year and eventually I will have an army of clucker chickens pooping bubblegum around in circles.
Thank you so much Doris! Your handiwork is much appreciated and will be treasured forever! And thanks to you, I am just another step closer to getting a cell phone! Ha!


I Play Outside The Box said...

I'm so happy you liked you swap items, I'll be back Tuesday to show Riley that you posted her picture. It will make her feel so special. Thanks!


Judy said...

Wow...what a neat surprise...Doris really did good!!! Don't you just love swaps?? :-)


Jody said...

AWWW......what a wonderful swap gift! That rabbit would look great at my house...LOL. Doris did a wonderful job!

Tins and Treasures said...

Your new rabbit is sooo cute. It was so fun to come home to a package, wasn't it?! Happy Spring ~Natalie