Monday, March 30, 2009

Researching Fenton Hobnail Milk-glass

When it comes to glassware, like Fenton, or other highly collectible hobnail glassware, I just have no clue what the stuff is or what it's worth.

This piece was found at an estate sale in Pittsburgh back in feruary. It would be so cool to sell it for a bunch of money! Seriously I have no clue what price to put on it because I haven't found anything to compare it to.

My estimating skills suck for this kind of thing. A hobnail milkglass goblet sold the other day for $3.00 in my shop, dabblinging in the dew. The buyer scarfed it up as soon as it was listed. While searching i find the exact same goblet for $19.00. Argh! LOL!

So here I sit with a Fenton Milkglass Hobnail pitcher in pristene condition and have no desire to keep it and no clue what to price it. Haha!

Maybe I'll just rub those fat hobnails on the fat portion and make a wish!


Suz said...

That is is your photography. I know nothing!
I am almost ready with you garland. i hope you like it...I

Thanks for the "Your Song." That was Jud's and my "song." Guess that dates me, huh?


Collectible Glass said...

That is a great find! I would recommend you to do some price searching through a price guide, which you can find at Or you can sell it on eBay too! Good luck, I hope you find a great buyer for that lovely piece!

ShamsandCoverups said...

Hope, this is a great find. Another place to check out pricing is