Friday, April 3, 2009

Coffee Break

Sally Solinsky giving me the Silent Treatment

This Morning I woke up to the sound of my Sally crying for attention. She gets lonely by sunrise and needs lots of attention. It was way past her feeding time and her patient meows progressed into one pitiful cry. It was so pitiful she barely got the meow out. It was as if she had one last breath in her and used every bit of energy to expell it with sound. Dan and I burst into synchronized laughter. I'd say this is a good way to wake up, unless you are a neglected feline.

My Hot coffee turned into a ice cold coffee mocha milk shake!

Dan made brewed a pot of coffee while I fed Sally. The morning was busy with phone calls and catching up online. I grabbed a cup of coffee and a bluebarry scone and carried on as usual.
Dan worked on getting his laptop analyzed with some dell techies over the telephone.
The morning was slipping away, coffee was cold, eggplant salad was cooking on the stove as I packed Dan's dinner hoping he wasn't about to play hookie. I was able to talk him into going to work, thank goodness, as I have work to do and tend to neglect it like my coffee this morning. It's there, just getting cold.

Showing off something I made a few months ago and found today in my big mess of a art studio.
Wouldn't you love to be named Kim and have this book made into a pocketbook!

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Holly said...

Your Sally, huh? Heather told me that you catnapped her...and you've admitted to it. LOL! :) She is a really cool cat!