Sunday, April 12, 2009

Back to the Future

Today has been quiet and beautiful. It was different than the Easter holidays we celebrated in the past. Today was basically boring, and quiet, and I am not complaining, just explaining... when things get this quiet one begins to see the beauty of their surroundings and can appreciate it all.

Today I watched a wren fly from the nest it has made on my studio window sill. The tiny bird found a way to get between the screen and the glass and drop enough leaves and straw onto the sill to build the nest. My question is, how will the babies fly away when the time comes. Will they ever make it out of this window without our help? It will be fun to watch Sally in the mornings as she discovers this nest full of tiny chirping baby birds one day very soon.

And I thought I'd add a few more images of my Grandmather Bellini and family.

My Dad and his brother Bob
My Grandmother Bellini with her son Bob

Hoping you all have a wonderful and joyful day.

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