Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What Day Is It Anyways?

The days have been flying by. I lost track of what day my spring cleaning is and actually haven't cleaned anything since Day 4. Haha. What I did instead was finish a swap graland which was supposed to be mailed no later than April 3. Argh!

With a clean table and a cleaned up book case, I was thinking I'd take on the desk next. It's a huge challenge since a lot of the junk on it has no other place to go. This is going to take some thoughtful, creative organizational skills.

Update on Dan's job, it ended but he will stay with the same company in another position. This is great news as he wont have any changes in pay or benefits and he keeps his seniority with the company. the bad news is he works a crazy schedule, much worse than the previous. His work day starts at 3:30pm... cutting big time into my etsy time... not complaining, just explainin...
Night check is old already!

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Holly said...

That's a sweet and sour praisy! But hey, now you can make a reverse osmosis, remineralized, organic lemonade sweetened with agave nectar. :)