Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day Four ~ The Bazillion Books

A few of my favorite books

After a fresh coat of paint

There really aren't a bazillion books but it felt like there were too many. Once I sifted through and sorted the big and small, the childrens and reference, etc, it turned out to be more like a few hundred books.

The book shelf finally was painted today. It is crisp satin white, hopefully dry enough to hold the books. It will be bad if the paint wasn't ready but I was definitely ready to get the shelf organized.

Today was a great day, a little work, then some shopping and dinner with Dan at our fav restaurant in Chesapeake, Va... Warriors Mongolian Grill.

Carmella Bellini

and a little surprise was waiting me in my email when I returned home. My cousin Charlotte sent some photos of my father as a child and my grandmother Carmella Bellini as a young woman. This was the first time I saw a photo of my father as a child and my grandmother, well i barely knew her because of a family fued. It was a bit overwelming to view the many photos and I found myself crying before long. As I looked at the images of my grandmother, it struck me how much she and Charity look alike. All these years I heard my mother say how Charity and Faith looked like her. The images of my grandmother show without a doubt, Charity and her daughter Nickie both have a striking resemblance to Carmella. I see some of Carmella's physical traits are evident in my own granddaughter Bethany as well.

My dad and his brother

I often wonder what would be different about my life if my mother had let me know my father's family. What might be different about me if my grandmother had been able to share her knowledge and life with me. One thing I learned from this family fued is to never ever let our family be at odds with each other. God wants us to love one another. It's not right to fight. It's right to forgive. Forgivenenss is what Easter is all about. Forgiveness is the gift we get. Yet still some people don't or want accept the gift. So many families are estranged or fallen apart over stupid things. With Easter here again, let's forgive one another and ourselves. Let's learn to love one another again, the way God loves us.

Happy Easter Y'all!

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