Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter 1963

This photo shows my brothers and sisters and our dog Ginger on Easter Sunday 1963.
I am five years old, almost the same age as my grandaughter, Brianna, is now. My oldest sister Beverly is not pictured. She was married before my fourth birthday and absent from most of my life. She is like a stranger compared to the siblings in this photograph. In fact I ran into her and her husband not long ago and they actually didn't recognize me. bwwahhahahaha... awkward! I look just like her! hahaha! Weird how sisters can live 48 miles apart and not know or recognize the other... I knew exactly who she was.

Left to Right are my brother Jim, who is living with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. His doctors gave him 2 1/2 years to live (4 1/2 years ago). I am close as ever to him presently. We have a lot of fun together doing nothing at all. Next to Jim is Becky, age 10 here. She is gifted in many ways, a real artist in the truest sense. Chuck is 9 years old and he was my best friend for many years. We went through a lot together as kids and adults. He was my hero a few times past. John is beside Chuck. he is such a fun loving brother. He was 14 months old when me and the trips were born. God bless him, I know he was left to fend for himself most of the time growing up. Maybe this is why he is such a fun and crazy guy. In the front are us three triplets with our family dog Ginger. Faith, me in the moddle, and Charity always stood in birth order.

This picture makes me miss my siblings. Most likely we'd just get into a big fat fight if we were all together. I am thinking if Dan doesn't have a job tomorrow, first we can pack our bags, second we hall our unemployed tails to Pittsburgh! ah Ha...
I hope you all have a fun and blessed easter with your families.

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I Play Outside The Box said...

Great picture! I hope you make it to Pittsburg! Ü