Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day Two ~ The Table The Table

Thursday 8:00PM ~ I found my table today! I am so proud of myself.
The sorting started around 11:00 AM but with husband and kid home, I wasn't really focused on the spring cleaning. It was more like dilly dallying between them and my mess until 2:00PM when Dan left for work. Did I mention this could be his last day of work? Yep, so I packed him a "last supper" in his lunch bucket. It was roasted chicken with fresh asparagus. The asparagus was roasted with a lil olive oil, salt and pepper. He also has a mixed garden salad with shavings of Lotella cheese and a light ceasar dressing. For desert he has vanilla yogart with fresh blueberries. Hopefully his lunch took the edge off a crappy day he might be having. I should have taken a few photos of the asparagus. It was divine. I ate mine with my fingers. Yum!
I am praying to God dan has a job tomorrow. We'll be ok if he doesn't but I wont get a thing done if he is home unemployed. Argh!
I better get back to work but first I want to share a few more progress pics.
The tower of Banker Boxes

Found these sweet plastic storage bins at Walmart for a buck!

The painting can wait until tomorrow.
Tonight I will tackle the book shelves.
Thanks so much for all your encouragement. It makes me feel so good to clean up and it was scary sharing the mess at first, people can be cruel or judgemental sometimes, but I really do appreciate the thoughtfulness in the comments. Thanks so much! This is good therapy for sure!

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