Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Diary of a Hoarder Day One

Day One ~ Meet My Mess

Organized drawers!
This is Day One of my photo journal documenting the progression of spring cleaning in my studio.
Day one is actually starting three days late. let me blame that on others who were needy and kept me from my mission.

The table was bought at a store closing here in Elizabeth City a few years back. It is a solid mahogany conference table with six drawers for supplies, yes they are full... I plan to paint the table , replace the drawer pulls, and resurface the top, if only with new paper. I prefer to replace the top if it can be done. Under the table are plastic storage bins holding well organized supplies not yet listed. I have so much crap... unbelievable!

The book shelves are from a discount furniture warehouse. The owner also sold me five solid oak antique office chairs. I have way too many chairs... I see a yard sale in the near future... One chair stays and gets painted white. The rest go. The shelves get new paint and the books stay... love them! Can't have enough books!

2:00PM Weds
First thing I did was document the conditions. Next make a list of supplies (as if I need any) necessary to organize this mess, go shopping, get a hair cut and some chocolate, and take a walk on the waterfront.
7:30PM Weds
Building Bankers Boxes for storage and empying the room asap. Wishing I had a table where I could doll up these storage boxes with cool craft paper and pink polka dots... back to work

Yay! I found my acorn wreath packed in a box full of books and wooden frames.

I found this album in a box full of Salvation Army finds. It's an adorable album and book combination. The booklet is full of vintage images of life in the 50's. I especially love the image of dad driving to work while mom walks to her meetings. my mother actually did walk to her PTA and garden Club meetings. I don't remember her driving at all until I was in Jr. High.
Those were the days when we all walked to the grocery. My mom would give me a dollar to buy fresh parsley and italian bread. Me and my sisters were aloud to spend the change on an ice cream bar. We always shared. This vintage children's booklet brought back some very fond memories of growing up a triplet.

We did not have a convertable! My dad drove a station wagon and a dump truck!
and my mother always wore a dress!

It's 11:43... calling it a night!



I Play Outside The Box said...

You do have your work cut out for ya! Good luck Hope...I know it will look grand when you're finished!!

Holly said...

WOW! I love the book. :) Nice job on the studio!

PriviesAndPrims said...

You have surely got your work cut out for you!!!

Doreen (ofg)

Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

Wow Hope! You are off to a great start! Can;t wait to see your continued progress!!

Donna Blassingham said...

It is going to be grand when you finish! Great area to creat in girl. Keep the pictures coming, we all need the inspiration!