Monday, May 25, 2009

My Lucky Day

Tommorrow is my lucky day... Well, that's what the urologist calls it. It's his lucky day, not mine. He's lucky because he has stock in the company which provides the machine to blast kidnet stones. He's lucky because he has a way of convincing gals and guys they need this in order to pass the gigantic kidney stones stuck inside. He's lucky because he can do this every two weeks and lucky for him most of stones the size of mine (over 8mm) need more than one treatment.

I'm not really lucky. I'm more desperate. I was thinking I will put a red X on my right side and a smiley face with the words, "it's your lucky day" on the left... just to be sure Dr. Stooge hits the correct kidney with his magic lazer machine.

However this turns out, I have decided to not do any more lithroscopy after tomorrow. Instead I will give this a chance to work one time. If it doesn't work then I will make an appointment with a local holistic medicine man. Ohhhh fun!

I thought these ramblings need a little photographic inspiration so I am sharing this with you all... It's my younngest grandaughter sporting a handmade tutu and texting me from her chill spot in the grassy field somewhere in texas...
and if you want to see more of Chelsea in a tutu or purchase one like this... go here..


Jody said...

Oh how precious!

Anonymous said...

What a cute granddaughter. I want one of them...not the tutu (though I love the tutu!!!)