Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Trying Something New

One of my favorite shops to browse in is the Dollar Store. Most of the stuff in the Dollar Store is made in China or somewhere outside the US and I don't like that part of the DS very much. The good thing about the DS is finding those unexpected supplies and such for only a buck! Things I avoid are toys, most foods, toiletries, and such. Things I seek out, paper, frames, flowers, decorations, olives, storage containers, and such. It's typical of me to spend on avaerage ten bucks each time I enter a DS.
I was thinking about my own Triple Trouble Etsy store where almost everything is three bucks each. Great deals on supplies which are sometimes in bulk as well. Thinking more i decided to try something new. How about offering a few of my bulk items in smaller quanties for one buck each! If it were the dollar store, people could possibly spend an average of ten bucks each time they visit... ha.
Well, each listing costs 20 cents, plus the cost of the supplies, the selling fees, the paypal fess, packaging fees, the costs of ink, paper for invoices and statements, electricity for my snazzy ceiling light, office equiptment, heat/airconditioning, and so on.
Will I make any money? probably not. But it's fun to try new things and this is a good way to offer a sampling to future buyers of my most popular items. Hopefully the bargain hunters will come back for more three dollar items alter. And maybe some folks want just a few rusty bells rather than 18...


Suz said...

Hey, look who your first sucker was! I simply cannot pass up a bargain! What fun. Been thinking of you and hope you are feeling better.

I Play Outside The Box said...

You are probably onto something great! Best wishes!!