Monday, March 22, 2010



Spring has sprung in our area and it's a welcome change! The forsythia bushes are blooming so pretty with their bright yellow blossoms. One bush is blooming just outside my studio window. The bush is huge and so pretty with it's natural flowing branches. I'm debating again as i do every year on cutting it back. It hasn't been trimmed in 15 years. My brother Jim told me not to cut it back. So I probably wont.

We had a great weekend celebrating spring by watching a fun fast pitch tournament in Williamston. My SIL's niece was pitching and we got to show our support by cheering her on. This was Kelsie's first tournament game and she shined.

and check out the sheet music mini packs!
3" vintage map circles

Spring's arrival also means I must change and add new items to my shops. Triple Trouble got a lot of new listings. I stocked up on some 3" scalloped edge circles in vintage map, sheet music, and lined papers. There are also some new ATC blanks for all you atc.aceo artist to grab up. My new 3" circle cutter has had a lot of use this weekend.


Black and Gold Gifts said...

Hope you have a God given talent and you are shining here! Put those who can't appreciate your love, kindness and good heart to the side. Don't let them have another second of your time. Use your time to create more master pieces and let your talent shine bright. Surround yourself with people who love you and your art! You got what it takes! Keep working at what you love. Proud to call you my sister. Love and be strong - Charity

Katsui Jewelry said...

Very cool stuff, Hope! We are in Arizona until next week. Missing my computer time.

I will be thinking of you this Easter...

Much love,