Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Easter All

Easter countdown is on! By this time tomorrow we will be holding hands with Brianna and Chelsea, listening to little girls laughter, and resisting Girl Scout Cookies for which we ordered 10 boxes! We are visiting the grandkids in Dallas! I should also say we are visiting the twins and husbands, and we love them so, but honestly, this trip is gonna be all about grandkids. It's been too long since we hugged them and I need some giggles and grins from toddler nation.

Also, I wanted to share the most awesome swap celebrating spring and the Easter holiday with this supply swap I participated in over at Christine's blog, A Work in Progress.

My partner's box arrived today and I haven't snapped photos yet but it was fun opening the eggs and eating the chocolate inside! She packed fun trims and pompoms, stamps, and other neat little crafty supplies into plastic eggs with a decorated basket to hold it all. So sweet and fun!

Here's a few pics from the swap I sent her. This is my first attempt at decorating anything this year! Don't laugh! Try decorating an egg carton and let me know how that goes... LOL!

I stuffed it with all things prim, and spring, and old. I added a few extras like a bar of my favorite handmade soap from etsy shop dirty sanchez. Also I stuffed a fun prim rabbit in the shipping box. It was swapped to me last year during an Old Farmhouse Supplies Spring Swap. I had to share! It wasn't required but I wanted to share a handmade item also so i tucked a necklace and pr of earings in an egg for Tammy. I need a test dummy for my newest hobby jewelry making. Hopefully it wont break the first time she wears it!

Decorated egg carton filled with vintage sewing supplies, pompoms,rusty and prim bells and keys, lock, and some fun old blue glitter. Enjoy your stash Tammy! May your Easter be filled with fun and surprises!

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Christine Edwards said...

Hope, your carton turned out great! I'm glad Tammy's arrived before you left for your trip. Have a fantastic time with the Grands! Happy Easter!