Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What's New

What's new Wednesday is not really new at all in most ways. I am doing what I love and enjoying being home alone in my studio. The new part is my super fun find from the local thrift shop. I found these two awesome French school books with the binding all broken and taped over, the pages inside all written in French!

The books were similar except one has a lot of French handwriting on the inside. Because the books are so well used and loved and falling apart, I did the obvious, I separated the pages and packed them for resale in my etsy shop, triple trouble.

French Paper pack no 2

The packs are full of fun graphics and images. Some have sheet music, others have religious photographic images. The pages are naturally stained from age, too! The patina is wonderful. It's hard not to hang on to these great finds. My heart kept saying keep these and my head kept saying pass them on. So it is, I am passing them on to you all, hoping someone will make something pretty with these sweet and wonderful papers.

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Katsui Jewelry said...

Well, I ordered mine! I love them! I am doing matchboxes for the Petite Inspiration Nesting Swap and two of the three people are very into "French" things. I have nothing French! This came at the right time!!!