Monday, June 4, 2012

Painting Primitive Nests

Those blank canvases are getting painted finally! You can see I decided to go with nests and eggs for the theme on these six. My inspiration came from Helan Barrick's 1996 publication, Angel Twigs Book 2. The inside cover contains copyright information which allows for painting the designs for fun or profit but not mass production in any way. So I changed up the design a bit. All six are unique and similar at the same time.
No 1 Nest is extra grungy with tiny crackle and heavy antiquing. I stained the entire piece several times, scrubbing and sanding and crackling over the finished painting. This is my favorite of the group. Primitive folk art is my favorite art of all. The natural colors and aged looks reminds me of antique paintings.

No 2 Nest looks very similar but this one wasn't crackled at all. I sanded the front more and the frame structures is more evident in this painting. I used stretch canvas, gesso and acrylic paints. Once the painting was dry, I sanded it with coarse grit paper and then rubbed it with raw umber stain.
No 3 Nest looks very similar to no 2 but this one wasn't crackled and has light antiquing. I spattered the front more and the frame structures is more evident in this painting. This is actually my second favorite of the group. You can buy no 3 nest here.
This is Nest no 4 with a soft white wash, no antiquing, and very light spatter.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I really enjoy painting ans sharing my work with you.

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