Sunday, April 28, 2013

Growing up a Comito

Sharing a few vintage Comito photos for my sister and you, whoever you are.
I actually remember the outfits we are wearing. Navy blue polka dotted dresses with jackets! Loved this outfit so much!
Baby Becky and Jim
Becky and Chuck on McCasslin Street
Becky and Jim on Mcasslin Street
How cute are they! Becky, Jim, and Chuck with a cat I dont remember.
Jim and John

Daily Road
This is the yardsaling pic Becky was asking for.
The greatest day in the history of Comitos!
Blue Lightning!
Me and my sisters, Faith and Charity
Dad holding John, Chuck smiling behind dad.
Becky and Jim
Actually, this image shows Mary Nagy, not a comito until she married Leonard.
My grandmother on my dad's side. Wished I had known her better but my family is fudged up and deprived me of her. You can see more pics of Comitos and Bellini history on my flickr page . Click on the blue word flickr page.
My brother, John, who is the most awesome brother ever!

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Holly Moulder said...

Mom, lol! Love these pics!